Pre-Employment and Tenant Screening

Employers have many seemingly qualified candidates to chose from In today’s competitive job market. Many companies go through a screening process that involves researching and validating an applicant’s background and qualifications prior to their employment.

Although standard methods can be a good way to ensure an employee is a solid match for the job, companies must go beyond the standard calling of references and confirmations of previous employers to delve deeper into an applicant’s background. When investigating an applicant, we’re looking for potential warnings that could determine if that hire will become a reliable and effective employee or inefficient and unreliable at their job. Our background checks arent about invading the privacy of a prospective employee, but about protecting your workplace from investments that could pose a threat or won’t add value to your business.

We currently provide background investigation services for over 100 companies including individuals, corporations, and government agencies:

Team JAI uses the following methods, but is not limited to:

  • Criminal records including state local and national
  • International records through Interpol
  • Credit reports
  • Sexual predator reports
  • Verification of assets
  • Skip tracing
  • Civil records
  • Court records
  • Corporate Documents
  • Education Verification

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